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Tas Interviews

Tas Interviews is an Interview series where I  interviewed at least six fashion and lifestyle bloggers like myself. I asked the girls six questions, 4 based on their blog and two questions based on fashion and lifestyle trends. TAS Interviews has lasted for six weeks.

17th February – 24th March 2018


Episode 1


About: Ishafou Fatty, an aspiring blogger/youtuber from America and 1st gen Afromerican. Her birthday is on March 2nd like myself! and she wants to start a business based on African fashion.


Episode 2



About: Jenny Yu, a teen lifestyle blogger from Portland Oregon in the USA (America). She’s a developing musician and an athlete. She’s also a violinist and a solo ice skater.


Episode 3


About: Jessy Tee, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle British- Nigerian blogger from England, United Kingdom. She’s in year 12, in sixth form studying A-levels. Jessy gives you beauty tips, advice and more, all on her blog!

Episode 4


About: Journey (theeoriginaljay), a fashion and lifestyle Youtuber and blogger from Johannesburg, South Africa!

Episode 5


About: Karina Michelle, a Youtuber and blogger whose an Interviewer. P.S, Make sure you read her Interview series KOFFEE WITH KARINA!

 Episode 6




About: Neona (withinthecity), a lifestyle, fashion, food and travel blogger who likes writing, reading, baking and blogging. She’s also a University student!

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