DIY pencil cup holder (collab blog post)

Hello readers, welcome to my first collab blog post on the DIY  pencil holder. I am doing my collab with paleandinterestingblog, check out her blog post on DIY tea candle.


So let’s get started


. Glue

. A book you don’t read anymore or fashion magazines and newspapers. fashion magazines

.Paint (not water colours)

.Thread ( any colour)


. Paint brush ( big and small)

. A hard plastic cup hard plastic 1  hard plastic 2



Firstly, you need to get a hard plastic cup.

Next, you can use newspapers, fashion magazines and a book you don’t read anymore.

Rip the paper you’re going to use in strips or in any shapes and stick it outside of your plastic cup.

Continue to rip and stick the paper on the plastic cup until you’re done sticking the paper on the cup.

Make sure you overlap the paper to make a little collage.

It should look like this



After, get a string or thread and measure the size whatever you want.

Next, make sure you add lots of glue inside the cup especially when you are using a glue stick. You can see the green on my cup because I used a green glue stick.

Add a lot of glue inside of the cup (from the bottom to the top of your cup inside).

Then, put your string or thread inside where you’ve put the glue.

Rip the paper and glue the paper together with the string or thread.


image Time for the fun part of the DIY.

Next, pour the water into a separate cup for the paint brushes. Mine is not a cup so you can ignore the shape.


Get a small and big paint brush.



Get the paint


. If you stuck all of the paper on the cup, use any colour to paint the inside of the cup with a big paint brush.


If you have a very thick part of the cup like mine, paint that part with a small paint brush.

After, leave the pencil cup holder to dry.

When it’s dry, you can hang it on your door but be careful of a number of pens and pencils you add. These are the photos of my pencil cup holder.






Instead of putting your own pencils in the pencil cup holder, you can put your makeup brushes, hair clips, makeup etc…

Thank you for reading my blog post on DIY pencil cup holder. Make sure you read paleandinterestingblog’s blog post on the DIY teacup.

If you have followed the instructions of my DIY pencil cup holder, send your own photos of your designs to me on these social medias.

. Instagram direct ( if you follow me on Instagram or have an Instagram account)

. Twitter message or send me a tweet

. Snapchat message me or send me a snap of your DIY pencil cup holder

Send me an email.

My email on Hotmail and on Gmail

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day and… bye xx.



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  1. Love this! Gotta try it out!
    Check out the link for my website to see my half of the collab

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