I followed Jeon Somi’s Strict Workout Routine for a Week – Did I See Results?

Warning: This blog post is for experimental purposes and If this triggers you in any way, don’t read the rest and click off.


After completing Chloe Ting’s weight loss challenge programme, I wanted to try something new that I don’t often do.

This is my first blog post where I try a celebrity/k-celeb’s workout routine. I usually try to eat like them, but it’s time for me to try something new since I often do something like that.

If you don’t know who Jeon Somi is, she’s a 20-year old (21 in Korean age) k-pop soloist from Korea.

She is from mixed heritage, being half Canadian and Korean and gained popularity from being in a Korean reality show called Sixteen and Produce 101.

She is currently a solo artist and was in a girl group called I.O.I.

She is signed with theblacklabel, which is part of YG entertainment and recently released Dumb Dumb and XOXO.

And… released an album.

That’s a little background on her so…

Let’s start!

Workout routine

She does dance practices for her comebacks around 1-2 hours, according to sources such as Kpopstarz and Health Yogi. In addition, she regularly does Pilates, a workout that focuses on the core and muscles.

In Lim and Hyun (2021) article about The Impacts of Pilates and Yoga on Health-Promoting Behaviors and Subjective Health Status highlighted that it has many health benefits in terms of physical (improved posture, flexibility and balance) and mental health (mind control and calmness).

Another article by Bernardo and Nagle (2006) Does Pilates Training Benefit Dancers? also stated that dancers commonly use Pilates as part of their workout routine. 

Their article makes a lot of sense, seeing other artists such as Jennie and Rose from BlackPink, for instance, doing Pilates as part of their routine.


I wrote this somewhere in one of my previous blog posts.

If there’s any errors, please ignore it.

What I did

Workout routine

I did Pilates and a dance workout from Move with Nicole and my body actually hurts thinking about it.

Workout schedule

On Thursday, I did Somi’s inspired Pilates workout.

Mish Choi

What I ate

I tied to eat extremely healthy throughout the week.

Savoury oats

I usually eat either chia seed pudding with nut butter and fruit on top or oat pancakes with fruit and maple syrup for breakfast. or a smoothie. However, if I’m feeling savoury, I usually eat spinach omelette with plain oats (savoury oats).

For Lunch, I eat anything left in the fridge from dinner, or if I have time, I’ll come up with something creative.

For dinner, I usually eat light foods such as soups, salads, preferably with carbs on the side or I eat cereal if I’m feeling lazy.

Spinach, prawn and tomato soup (homemade)





My experience has been excellent but painful, especially in my thighs and stomach. I enjoyed trying something new instead of doing the same workout programme/YouTube channel. The inspired workout video was easy at the start but, became tough halfway through the video because I’m not a flexible person. Since doing Pilates and watching what I eat, I can see a difference in my body and strength faster than other fitness YouTubers’ previous results.

I’m still doing Pilates and different styles of exercises to have variety.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and have a nice week.

Bye 🙂


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