Top 10 clothing stores

Hello readers, welcome to my blog post.
I have not been blogging for a long time due to school. I have done a blog post like this before on top 10 beauty, lifestyle, fashion a DIY YouTube channels.

This is my top 10 list

10. Miss guided



8. Pacsun


7. AX Paris


6. Topshop


5. George(asda)


4. Primark


3. H&M


2. Forever 21


1. New look


Thank you for reading my blog post on top 10 clothing stores. This top 10 is based on my favourite stores and the stores I go to the most. Since I’ve been in most stores on my top 10 list, I will show you what I have brought from all stores.

Remones top (from primark)


Blue high heels and demin jeans (from new look)


 Demin jeans, turquoise crop top with cream coloured coat(from new look, H&M and primark)


Hope you like my top 10 list and the clothes I’ve bought from different stores that l love so much.

Also, I will be blogging every weekend.

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Thank you for reading and bye xx.

2 responses to “Top 10 clothing stores”

  1. I love Boohoo, their clothes are amazing! Sadly, being in Australia I don’t see much of the other store.
    x Aimee /

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