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BLACKPINK Jennie Inspired Outfits

Hello Readers!


I actually promised to upload two blog posts per week last month but I didn’t.


I was planning to write and upload new posts but I couldn’t because I was busy shopping and packing to go back to university; it was a busy week for me.

Okay, so in this blog post, I decided to create four inspired outfits.

If you ask,  “What about the other Blackpink members?”

I will create separate inspired looks for each member but for now, I’m doing Jennie Kim’s outfits.

I mostly used her outfits for inspiration from her Instagram account.


Before, her style used to be edgier three years ago but now, I think her style is more elegant.

My Inspired Outfits are based on four different occasions.





1. Solo Music Video


 The Inspired Outfit




Total price: £62.99

The original price of the dress: £770.26

£770.26 – 17.99 = £752.27 difference 


Credit: YG


  2. Magazine Photoshoot


 The Inspired Outfit

Total price: £75.75 

I couldn’t find the original price for this outfit.

3. Outing


 The Inspired Outfit

Total price: £64.32 

The original price of the bag: £1,782.95 

£1,782.95 – £16.34 = £1,766.61 difference 

4. Brand Collaboration

 The inspired outfit

Total price: £64.99

The original price of the shoes: £84.95

£84.95 – £36.00 = £48.95 difference 

Thank you for reading this blog posts, it means a lot to me!


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Hope you have a nice week and bye.






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