10 Fantastic Blog post Ideas

Hello readers,

Since I have a lifestyle blog for two years, I want to share my blog post ideas for you to blog about.

I’ll list the ideas below


Inspired looks





For this blog post, you can pick any television, music video or anything to create an inspired look. I have done screen queens season 1, BLACK PINK as if it’s your last and YouTubers inspired looks. There’s a disclaimer when you’re doing this type of blog post which is making sure that the clothes, shoes, and accessories are accurate for the person you’re doing.



DSCN0031 (1)



If you want to make a blog post about your favourite recipe you like, why not create a blog post on how to bake or cook a recipe. Make sure you do not copy and paste the recipe from an online source. Also, be original with your recipes and type the recipe in your own words on your blog.



a clock

Morning routines, night routines, school routines, we get it.  I don’t really write about my routines on my blog because my routines are pretty boring. Make sure that your blog post on this topic is interesting so you wouldn’t want your readers to fall asleep.




Make sure that your DIY blog post is easy to follow and take photos of what you are making to show how it’s done.

Favourites e.g books, clothing, makeup etc…

2015-08-01 14.08.23

Show your readers your favourite YouTubers, makeup look and more. This type of blog post is an interesting blog post for me because you can write your reason why you like this or that. The disclaimer is you shouldn’t get too carried away with your favourite product or influencer.



For a lookbook, you’ll definitely need someone’s help to take photos of you. Make sure the location is appropriate for your theme. Lastly, be creative with this type of blog post.



If you want to express your opinion on a  product and more, make sure you’re honest so your readers can be aware. I uploaded a review on a popular clothing website called Zaful last year and surprisingly, the quality of the clothes is still amazing. Remember, be brave and honest when you’re writing this type of blog post.


2015-08-11 14.28.22

Hauls are one of the most popular topics to write and talk about really. When you are writing a blog post about a haul, make sure you show the clothes, shoes, etc… clearly, so your readers can see the item you’re displaying.



Challenges can be fun, right?

Make sure your readers are entertained by this type of blog post. Create a game that is related to your blog niche.



Show your collections to your readers and write about your collections. Remember, don’t get too carried away with this type of blog post. Mention how you started collecting your product, games, toys etc…

Note: Be creative with your blog posts and make sure your blog posts stand out.

Thank you for reading my blog post on blog post ideas. Since Christmas is coming up, read my blog post on Christmas blog post ideas.


Have a lovely week and… bye x


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