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In this blog post, I want to share 15 fashion trends that I like!

I thought about writing this blog post when I was reading some fashion articles and watching stealthespotlight (a youtuber) on youtube.


How to Style Sneakers | Fila Disruptor, Air Max 95, Skechers

I was about to write another fashion app review for this week’s blog post but, I decided to write this blog post since it’s more interesting to me.

So, let’s begin!

15 fashion trends that I like

1. Crop tops

crop top 3
Credit: BOOHOO.com


According to Wikipedia, a crop top is a top, the lower part of which is high enough to expose the waist, navel, or some of the midriff.


I first started to wear crop tops when I was in year 10 or 11, I really can’t remember.
I normally pair my crop tops with anything high-waisted such as trousers, jeans, skirts, you name it!
It ’s because I believe wearing a crop top with anything high-waisted really suits me, personally.
I mostly wear crop tops during the spring/summer period because of the hot weather, obviously!

crop top 2
Credit: BOOHOO.com




I’ve seen many girls especially teen girls wearing crop tops everywhere for years.
Some people do not like the idea of crop tops because they think it’s too revealing or inappropriate to wear out.
You can find crop tops basically anywhere in a fast fashion store such as New look or H&M.




2. Denim Jackets


denim jacket 2
Credit: Zaful


On the article on glamour.com, it says that…

The first denim jacket was created circa 1880 by denim legend and Levi’s founder Levi Strauss. Strauss is credited with designing the first-ever jeans in 1870 as a durable, breathable utility garment for cowboys, railroad engineers, and miners to wear during the gold rush out West. Soon after the runaway success of jeans, he gave the world a top to match and dubbed it the Triple Pleat Blouse

denim jacket 1
Credit: Zaful




I really like wearing a denim jacket because I like how the material is thick and long-lasting. I always wear my denim jacket anywhere, especially during the summer period to complete my outfit!





3. high heels

high heel boots 1
Credit: Forever 21

On Wikipedia, High heels are a type of shoe in which the heel, compared to the toe, is significantly higher off the ground. These shoes go beyond simply protecting the foot from the ground or improve the efficiency of walking. High heels make the wearer taller, accentuating the calf muscle and the length of the leg overall.

The historical part of the shoe is that men in the 1600’s were the first to wear high heels. The men who were rich in that time wore high heels to imply their upper status. Wikipedia has written that…

Alternatively, World War II led to the popularization of pin-up girl posters, which men would often hang in their bunks while at war. Almost all of these girls were pictured wearing high heels, leading to an increase in the relationship between high heels and female sexuality. The tall, skinny stiletto heel was invented in 1950, strengthening the relationship between women, sexuality, and appearance“.

high heel boots 2
Credit: BOOHOO.com



I started to wear high heels, not short or mid heels, high heels when I was 10 I believe. I felt like I was about to fall flat on my face while I was walking with mum and sisters to church. Since I felt like a giant wearing heel because I was certainly tall for my age then.
Now, I own like four pairs of heels and I mostly wear them to a party or a wedding.





4. Tweed

tweed 1
Credit: Romwe

A tweed is a kind of cloth that is soft and how it has a flexible texture. It is made out of wool and wool mixtures and it comes in a range of colours.

tweed 2
Credit: Aliexpress

According to fashion-history.lovetoknow.com, it says that…

It is debatable whether the name tweed originated from a misreading of an order for tweel (Scottish for twill), or whether the cloth is named after the Tweed river in the Borders region of Scotland. However, it is certain that tweed originated in the Scottish woolen industry of the early nineteenth century, where locally crafted woolens were transformed into fashion textiles woven in a factory and sold to national and international markets. This shift of the late 1820s was partly precipitated by the adoption of the black-and-white shepherd’s check as a fashionable cloth for men’s trousers in the late 1820s“.

tweed 3
Credit: Aliexpress



I absolutely love how there is a range of colours from warm to cool colours.
I really like wearing a tweed blazer with a tweed skirt and heels because I believe it looks classy, elegant and really formal.
wearing this type of outfit is suitable for formal events.



5. Bralettes

On lippy.com, it says that…

“The earliest bras originating in the 1920s and 30s would be considered bralettes by today’s standards. However, they have largely been overshadowed since then, the push-up bra now taking the main focus in lingerie ad campaigns and display stands. However, recent seasons have seen a strong emergence of the bralette, revolutionizing what in recent years would have been considered nothing more than a ‘child’s bra’”

bralette 2
Credit: Forever 21
Credit: Forever 21

When I first heard about wearing a bralette with bottoms out in public, I thought it was weird at first because it was “usual” to me, personally.
I started to love the idea of styling the bralette with bottoms when I watched some youtube lookbooks and a blog post from Q2HAN’s blog.

Link: http://q2hans.blogspot.com/2015/10/a-day-with-elma.html
I have never worn a bralette out in public with bottoms because I don’t really have one in my closet.

bralette 3
Credit: Forever 21

6. Tees

tee 2
Credit: Forever 21

According to sharprint.com, printed t-shirts was originally intended to be a man’s undergarment, to be worn under his military uniform or suit. Soldiers and sailors serving during WWII would frequently wear nothing but a shirt and their uniform trousers when off-duty or during especially hot or dirty work days. The t-shirt as a stand-alone garment gained popularity among civilians in the years following the war.

tee 1
Credit: Forever 21

What I really like wearing a tee is that it’s confinable and you can wear a tee anywhere.
I own a few tees at home and I wear it like all the time, especially when I want to go to town to go food shopping or window shopping.
The fun thing about wearing a tee is that you can customise or buy a customised tee that can express yourself.



7.Platform shoes

plaform shoes 1
Credit: BOOHOO.com

On refinery29.com, it says that platform shoes started in 220 B.C when…

“Greek actors used to wear leather sandals with cork platforms called the Cothurnus. As tall as six inches, the Cothurnus’ height was dictated by how important the actor was; the more central the protagonist, the taller the shoe, and the easier he was to see!”

“In the 1930’s, The first instance of the platform shoe returning in modern days in the West was Salvatore Ferragamo’s fashion-forward cork sandal. The rainbow-colored heel is considered modern, even today!  In the 1990’s, The platform shoe made a comeback in the ’90s. First hitting the runway at a Vivienne Westwood shoe (remember when Naomi Campbell face-planted in her 9-inch heels?), they became popularized by international girl group sensation, the Spice Girls. Platform sneakers became a go-to, and also responsible for more than a few sprained ankles in gym classes.”

platform shoe 2
Credit: BOOHOO.com

I really like how platform shoes look on people!

I like the design and colour and how it looks appealing to me when I walk past the shoe section in a clothing store.

When I saw my mum wearing her platform sandals, I fell in love with the layout and the design of the shoes.

The shoes were not ugly though!


8. faux fur shoes

faux fur 1
Credit: Missguided

The faux fur shoes are one of the best shoe inventions ever!
I like how it is stylish and fashionable by how you can wear it anywhere, except for the beach or if you’re near or around water. Faux fur slippers are really suitable during the autumn/winter period when you want to warm your feet.

faux fur 2
Credit: BOOHOO.com

History of faux fur

Source: /www.smithsonianmag.com

Early on, fake fur was made out of pile fabric, a technique of looping yarn that designers used to make textiles including corduroy and velvet. From 1919 to 1928, the United States government imposed a 10 percent tax on real fur as part of wartime measures, leading to a boon for pile manufacturers.

Freddy My Love



9. Flared Trousers

flared trousers 1
Credit: Prettylittlething

According to Wikipedia, Flares are a style of trousers that become wider from the knees downward, forming a bell-like shape of the trouser leg.

I mostly saw flared trousers in the 1970 movies. I think my dad wore flared trousers in his teen years in the 70’s.

I like how the top half is tight-fitted and how the bottom is loose.

I would wear flared trousers with a printed t-shirt or a plain t-shirt and heels.


flared trousers 2.png
Credit: Newlook


Bell-bottoms, pants with legs that become wider below the knee, were an extremely popular fashion during the 1960s and 1970s. The belled or flared legs on bell-bottom pants were originally a functional design, worn by those who worked on boats since the seventeenth century.

Source: http://www.encyclopedia.com




How to Style Flares | Modern 70s Lookbook


10. Plaid skirts

plaid skirt 1
Credit: Dollskill



I think I used a plaid skirt for my inspired or outfits I would wear blog posts, which shows that I have a thing for plaid skirts.

When I was watching clueless, I really liked what Cher and Dionne wore in the movie, the scene when they wore plaid skirt and blazer.






Clueless – Opening

Credit: ladyrhisha

plaid skirt 2
Credit: Romwe


Though many of us may want to impose a plaid embargo on our most hipster-adjacent friends, tartan was actually literally forbidden in Britain during the 18th century. The fabric’s rebel uniform association with the Scottish Rebellion of 1745 against the union of Scotland and England, making tartan prohibited in the country for nearly half a century under the Dress Act. The print didn’t really resurface again until 1782, when plaid became legal, and it became in vogue to wear plaid gowns to formal occasions.

Source: http://www.bustle.com


11. Pinafore

Credit: prettylittlething

“The pinafore was a type of apron that was pinned over the dress and easily removed for washing. Buttons were frequently damaged by lye soap, which was one reason why dresses were not laundered very often”.

Source: Wikipedia

“The 1950s onwards saw a boom in pinafore styles, both in aprons and dresses, for both women and girls. Practically they worked for housewives; the styles could also be replicated for children and had enduring cute qualities”.

Source: field-grey.com

I own two pinafores, one black zip-up pinafore and one denim pinafore from Primark.
I mostly wear a pinafore dress when I’m going to college (UK college) or a day out with my family and friends. I wouldn’t wear a pinafore dress if it’s for a night now because I think a pinafore dress is more suitable for the daytime.

12. Dungarees

d 2
Credit: Asos


“Dungaree was mentioned for the first time in the 17th century, when it was referred to a cheap, coarse, thick cotton cloth, often colored blue but sometimes white, worn by impoverished people in what was then a region of Bombay, India a dockside village called Dongri. Hindi name of this cloth was “dungri”. Dungri was exported to England and used for manufacturing of cheap, robust working clothes. English began to call “dungri” cloth a little different, and it became “dungaree”.

Source: historyofjeans.com

Wearing dungarees is more suitable for spring/summer period, personally. Also, I would wear a plain top with dungarees with a pair of trainers or boots.

13. Sportswear

sportswear 1
Credit: JD Sports

“At the beginning of the twenty-first century, “sportswear” describes a broad category of fashion-oriented comfortable attire based loosely on clothing developed for participation in sports. “Active sportswear” is the term used to cover the clothing worn specifically for sport and exercise activities. Now generally accepted as the most American of all categories of dress, sportswear has become, from the second half of the twentieth century, the clothing of the world. It consists of separate pieces that may be “mixed and matched,” a merchandising term meaning that articles of clothing are designed to be coordinated in different combinations: trousers or shorts or skirts with shirts (either woven or knit, with or without collars, long-sleeved or short) and sweaters (either pullovers or cardigans) or jackets of a variety of sorts”.

Source: fashion-history.lovetoknow.com

I absolutely love to wear sportswear clothing because It is confinable. I’m wearing one right now!
Black Yoga pants are one of my favourite sportswear because you can wear it with anything. Also, I like how it’s tight-fitted.

14. Lace bodysuit

lace bodysuit 1
Credit: Prettylittlething

“The bodysuit was a progression from the leotard. It was presented in the United States after 1950 by fashion designer Claire McCardell. It was worn as a blouse or T-shirt. The first recognized bodysuit was worn by Bettie Page in the 1950s and was a trademark attire of the Playboy Bunnies from the 1960s, as well as of Wonder Woman in the animated series Super Friends as well as Lynda Carter’s television series”.

Source: Wikipedia


The lace bodysuit looks stylish and trendy when you’re online shopping.
I want to buy one after one of the girls in my class was wearing one.
I would wear a lace bodysuit if I’m going to my friend’s birthday meal or a night out.

15. Mesh tops

mesh 2
Credit: Prettylittlething

“Mesh appears with holes of varying size, from Airtex basketball jerseys to the large grid designs we see on the Akris S/S15 catwalk. Although the 80’s were famous for using mesh, such as this vintage Design 90 top available on Etsy and the Valentino shoes depicted in a 1985 Vogue advert (above), its history extends surprisingly far back into the 19th Century. The story goes that wealthy mill owner Lewis Haslam was out for a stroll with his aunt, when she remarked that her hands were warm even though her gloves were crochet and therefore full of holes. He then began to experiment with air pockets, and Aertex was born, marketed as ensuring “perfect hygiene” in the face of “harmful changes of temperature” (from vintage Aertex advert below). It was both breathable when used as activewear and insulating against the cold”.
Source: contourcomments.wordpress.com

I would wear a mesh top with denim jeans with trainers or heel and a bomber jacket or a leather jacket.




Thank you for reading this blog post on 15 fashion trends that I like!

If you enjoy reading this post, make sure you comment or like this blog post.

Have a wonderful week and…

Bye 🙂


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