I Tried Pamela Reif’s 15 Minute Thigh Workout For A Week! – Did I See Results?

Hello Readers,

Since I haven’t been active for weeks, I decided to do Pamela Reif’s thigh workout for a week to see if can see the difference and compare to one workout I did in June.

Link: https://thetaslifestyle.com/2020/06/15/i-tried-april-han-april-han-fit-and-fashion-tone-and-slim-thigh-workout-for-7-days-is-it-worth-it/

Before I did this workout, I had to watch a few video reviews and most of the youtubers I watched said her workouts are intense… more intense than other fitness content creators.

At first, I thought they were over reacting until I actually did her workout.

Before I started, I had to measure my thighs.

Before measurements
Left Thigh: 59.3 cm
Right thigh: 59 cm

Day 1: I struggled, like a lot. 

  1. Some parts were easy but, most parts were hard. 

2. I was sweating like a lot, compared to doing other workouts 

3. The 15 min workout was a lot, people weren’t definitely over reacting. 

4. I had to pause a bit to catch my breath. 

5. The workouts near the end were  h e l l 

Day 2: Some workouts were getting easier, however; I struggled most of the time. I hurt myself a few times by hitting my foot on my bed since my bedroom is small. My thighs were burning so much.

The holding each leg up part was the worst and holding both up at the same time… was a nightmare. 

Day 3: The workout was getting easier but I still struggled near the end. I did the lower impact version for some of the workouts because I didn’t want to hurt myself. 

Day 4: painful 😖 

It was harder for me to complete the workouts near the end and I felt like I didn’t make progress. 

Hours later, Both my legs ached.

Day 5: Sweating like a lot.

When someone said it’s gets easier, for me, It gets worse since I can feel my inner and outer thighs burning. 

It felt like my legs are ripping apart. 

My clothes feel wet since again, I’ve been sweating a lot. 

As I was in pain, I didn’t want to think too much and I hope I’m doing well .

Day 6: The workout was getting easier since I did it for nearly a week.

Two hours later, my body ached and I had a headache 🤕

Day 7 (last day):  yay! I did it The workout was better than a few days ago. I didn’t struggle with most workouts which I am glad about, however; I still struggled with holding both of my legs up at the same time. 

The results

After measurements
Left thigh: 58cm
Right thigh: 58cm

Left thigh: 1 cm difference

Right thigh: 1 cm difference

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised because I only did it for a week, and I think the reason I didn’t lose a lot of weight on both my thighs might be because the video aimed to tone, not to lose weight on the thighs.

Both of my thighs look more toned.

To be honest, thighs are the hardest part to lose weight, especially the upper thighs.

Question: Will I do her workouts again?

Yes! her workouts are worth trying.


Music: 4.5/5

Workouts: 4.5/5

Motivation: 4/5

Overall: 4.5/5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


April Han’s workout i did in June

Result difference:  (-2.2cm) L (-0.7cm) R

Pamela thigh workout

(-1cm) L (-1cm) R

Pam’s workouts are more intense than other fitness guru’s due to a lack of breaks and harder workout positions.

Thanks for reading my blog post about me trying one of Pamela’s thigh workouts.



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3 responses to “I Tried Pamela Reif’s 15 Minute Thigh Workout For A Week! – Did I See Results?”

  1. gimel'sperception Avatar

    Thank you
    Seems it’s worth trying ❤️

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  2. Sounds like a goid workout. I may try it to tone my thighs too. Sometimes its nice to keep the weight but have it more toned or turned to muscle .

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