Makeup Haul Autumn/fall 2018|First Impression

Hello Readers,

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Since I splashed my money for the things I need for university, I decided to show you the additional part of the shopping. 

What I mean by additional for my university shopping list is the items/things that are not really important for the university I’m going to.

Stationery, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen stuff, food, first aid stuff is important, however…

Clothes and makeup should be the last thing you should buy, to be honest.

Having to budget everything is so hard and frustrating for me since I’m very tight with money, which is really bad.


These are my new/updated makeup products


Liquid Eyeliner: I really like how cheap it is, however, I didn’t really like the eyeliner brush (is it called an eyeliner brush?) because it’s too hard, compared to other eyeliner brushes I have used previously.

Pencil eyeliner: Since I’m new to drawing it under my eyes, I decided to buy one from boots.

Definitely recommend it!

Foundation: Had to buy two foundation shades at boots because one shade is darker and one shade is lighter.

The struggle’s real.

It’s actually really good that there are more foundation shades for black people of darker skin tones compared to years ago which I don’t ever want to write about.

False eyelashes: Like the natural false lashes pack, however, the dramatic false lashes pack is too much for my liking.

Makeup brushes: Had to buy another one due to the state of the old makeup brushes I had for almost four years. I like how it comes with 24 brushes instead of two or three.

Lipstick: After I bought the matte lipstick from Primark around July, I decided to buy not one but two lipsticks because the quality is good, to be honest.

The lipsticks that I bought is worth the money I believe.

Eyebrow pencils: I like how the lid has an eyebrow brush which is good. I also like how it lasts for a long time (since I don’t really wear makeup daily).

Concealer: The concealer is actually 10/10 for me because…

  1. It lasts longer
  2. It’s worth the money!

I have been using this concealer brand (LA Girl) since last year.

Eyelash glue: Never used duo before and the lash glue smelt like baby powder!

Makeup bags: I bought the makeup bags from Primark because the three makeup bags for £5 I guess ( I can’t remember) is actually worth the money!


Thank you for reading this blog post on my makeup haul and my first impressions on these products.

Since I’m going to university next weekend, I’ll share my university experience by changing the name of my lifestyle page to ‘ University lifestyle’ and I’ll add photos and description of my university journey.

Hope you’ll have a nice week or month ( since I’m posting at least two blog posts per month) and…

Bye x.


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Twitter: @sharifahtaiwo

Tubbr: thetaslifestyle


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