The Guide to Fresher’s Week

Hello Readers,

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In this blog post, I want to share my guide to fresher’s week to students who want to go to university or are university students.

Why do I want to share a fresher’s week guide to students like me?
Since I have experienced fresher’s week, I decided to create a guide that is suitable for you all!

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What is fresher’s week?
Fresher’s week is a welcome/Orientation week for new university students to enjoy themselves while settling in a new environment.

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Before I start this blog post, I hope this blog guide will help you so…
Let’s begin!

Before arriving

  •  Pack at least 4 days before leaving university and that includes clearing out your bedroom.
  •  Shop for everything you’ll need and start uni shopping 3 – 4 weeks before you leave your home.
  • Also, make sure you create a shopping list of what you want to buy for your university.
  •  If you’re scared to meet people face to face, download an app called campus society to meet people who are going to the same university as you!

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I wrote a blog post about it

campus society

When you’re at the University

1. Make sure you introduce yourself to your flatmates

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If you’re very shy, just take your time.

2. Go to a club or a bar with your flatmates or friends you’ve made in the college

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While you’re there, don’t get too drunk! It’s for your own good!
If you’re introverted, create a movie night, bake or talk with your flatmates.

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3. Defiantly sit next to someone during your course induction and casually talk to them.

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4. If you’re really homesick, calm yourself by watching YouTube videos, Netflix and most importantly, surround yourself with people you connect with.

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You could call your family to update them on your first week of uni.

5. If you need help with anything or want to ask questions, PLEASE, DO NOT BE SCARED!

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6. If you’re financially struggling, it’s okay to ask for help from the university or your family.

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7. Spend wisely and SAVE YOUR MONEY!

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8. Maintain your room and make sure it’s not too messy!

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9. Lastly, know your surroundings in the university!

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Thank you for reading my blog post on my guide to fresher’s week and I hope this guide will help you with your university experience.
Make sure you stay safe, eat healthily and don’t go out and drink too much and most importantly…

Attend to your seminars and lectures and lastly, Study hard!

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Have a wonderful week and…



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