Christmas present box DIY

Hello readers, today I will show you how you can decorate a shoe box.

I am going to make a DIY Christmas present box.

For the DIY, You will need…

. A shoe box

. Wrapping paper ( any colour)



.A Pencil, pen or a sharpie



.A ribbon


.Get your wrapping paper and cut the amount of wrapping paper that you’ll need for the DIY.

. After, measure all of the sides of the shoe box.

. Next, use your pen, pencil or Sharpe to go around the sides including the bottom of the shoe box.


.Next, cut the shape of the shoe box you just measured on the wrapping paper.

.After, use the glue to stick the wrapping paper onto the shoe box.


. You can also use tape to Stick onto the wrapping paper.

. After, continue to glue or tape the wrapping paper until the whole sides including the bottom.



. Your Christmas box should look like this after you taped or glued your wrapping paper.


. For the top of the shoe box, you need to put the lid of the shoe box on the wrapping paper and draw around the lid of the shoe box with a sharpie, pen or pencil.

. After, cut the shape of the top of the shoe box and glue or tape the wrapping paper onto the lid of the shoe box.


. Next, find ribbons or strings. You will need three ribbons or strings.

. Put the ribbon on top of the box like a cross and make sure you tape the ribbon or string properly.

. Create a bow and stick the bow on the top of the Christmas box with tape.


In this DIY, you can give it to your friends, parents, or anyone you love.

I am going to give this Christmas present box to my older sister.


Because her present can fit in the Christmas Box properly.


I am going to put her Christmas present into the box I’ve made with pink tissue paper from Victoria secret.


I’ve wrapped her present and put it in the box.

Next, I sprayed Victoria secret perfume in the box to have a nice and sweet smell.

Thank you for reading my Christmas DIY on Christmas present box. Hope you’ll like my blog post.

Recently on WordPress, I have found out I have reached 1002 views in 2015 in five months. Thank you so much for reading, liking and commenting positively on my blog posts. I can not believe I started blogging on the 25th July on WordPress. I am so happy to tell you all.


Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday and…

Bye x.


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