Makeup Haul

2015-07-25 16.05.15

During the first week of my summer holiday, I decided to buy makeup products from Amazon. I brought five make-up products.

1. Active day look

2015-07-19 13.06.492015-07-19 13.06.25

The active day look came on Sunday 19th July 2015 also the active day look has a tutorial on the left side. It has four eye shadows, brown and black mascara, eyeliner pencil and pink lip gloss.  When I opened the lip gloss, it has a very sweet smell. I will use this product later for some events.

2. New Eves two in one lipstick and lip gloss

2015-07-21 15.52.27,2015-07-22 15.39.20

The new Eve two in one lipstick and lip gloss came two days after the active day look. The package of this two in one lipstick and lip gloss came around 1 p.m on Tuesday 21st July 2015. The lipstick and lip gloss has a strong sweet smell. The colour is dark red which goes with my skin colour very well.

3. Lip gloss palette

2015-07-23 13.39.492015-07-23 13.36.19

The package came on Wednesday 23rd July 2015 around 1 p.m. When I opened the lip gloss set, it has different shades of colours which are shown above. I have not tried all the lip colours yet. This set has 66 different colour shades.

4.  W7 In the buff natural nudes

2015-07-25 15.49.21

This product is the no.1 best seller on Amazon when I searched for eye shadow palettes. The natural nude w7 in the buff came with my eyebrow pencil which I will talk about later in this blog post. The package came late around 2 p.m yesterday. I can’t wait to use this palette in the future.

5. Maxdona eyebrow pencil

2015-07-25 15.52.182015-07-25 15.53.47

This product came with my eyeshadow palette yesterday. The colour of my eyebrow pencil goes with my eyebrow colour very well. The eyebrow pencil was cheap and I can’t remember the price of this eyebrow pencil. I broke a bit of my eyebrow pencil while I tried it on yesterday afternoon.I will use this product soon.

Thank you for reading my third blogpost.

bye x.

2 responses to “Makeup Haul”

  1. I have the w7 palette, it’s amazing quality for the price! They have other palettes in the range you should check them out!

    Lovely post ❤ I’m so glad I found your blog via Instagram, I am in love…. Ever want to make friends in the blogging community then hit me up ☺☺☺

    Love & Hugs
    Frances xoxo


    1. Aww thank you, I tried on the w7 naked palette and it was very good on my eye lids. The colours blended very well.


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