New YouTube channels I now watch

Hello, readers,

Happy New year to you all.

This year in 2016, I am going to show you the YouTube channels I now watch. Most of the YouTube channels I now watch are some of my followers on Instagram and new to me.
This blog post is not a top 10.

Let’s start

Fabulous Hannah


Featuring Louise



Jessica Taylor


Shannon Ashleigh


Eve Bennett


Passion princess





Thank you for reading my blog post on YouTubers I now watch. The reason I have done this blog post is that I have done other blog posts on popular YouTubers I watch. Most of the YouTubers I now watch are my followers on Instagram.
Their videos are amazing by how they have individual personalities and interesting topics to talk about.

If you want to follow them on Instagram.

@passion prinxces

The Updates

. Eve Bennett has reached 100k subscribers on YouTube. Congratulations Eve :).

.Shannon Ashleigh has a holiday vlog in Australia.

.Jessica Taylor has a new YouTube video on natural makeup looks.

.Passion princess has done a YouTube video on 2015 beauty favourites.

.Featuring Louise has done a video on warm me up for winter.

.fabulous Hannah has done a video on life updates and resolutions on YouTube.

.sage has a get ready with me video on YouTube.

Enjoy your new year and… bye x.



7 responses to “New YouTube channels I now watch”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Have a great 2016 pretty lady xxx


    1. Thank you and have a good 2016 too.

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  2. Do you know Zoella and Grav3yardgirl? They are one of my fa favourites ^.^


    1. I know zoella and gravity3yatdgirl and my friend met zoella 2 months ago I think.

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      1. Omg! That is so cool! 😄

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  3. check out kathleenlights 🙂 she’s an amazing makeup artist


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