Favourite bloggers

Hello readers

Welcome to my blog post on my favourite bloggers.


In this blog post, I will talk about their style and reasons I like their blog.

This blog post is not a top 10.

let’s start  🙂

Amy Roiland

Instagram name: afashionnerd

blog: http://www.fashiontap.com/amy

2. Rubi Ortiz


blog: http://rubiilove.blogspot.com


Bundled …

with the kids (3)

3. Latisha Springer


blog: http://thegirlintheyellowdress.com


4.Ginger Natalie

Instagram: gingernatalie_x

blog: http://www.gingernatalie.blogspot.com


5. Laura

Instagram: daisychaindream

blog: http://adasiychaindream.com

6. Juliana Grace

Instagram: jgraceblogs

blog: HTTP:// http://www.julianagraceblogspace.com


7. Niharika Chandar


blog: http://indiepeacock.com

8. Clare



reasons: the first blogger I collaborated with on August and I enjoyed collaborating with her.
love her blog and Instagram posts.

9. Frances


blog: http://www.royallyrouge.com

Thank you for reading my blog post on my favourite bloggers, hope you like reading it. I didn’t put all of my favourite bloggers because I don’t want this blog post to be long. I will publish the blog post every week because I have a lot of school work since I am year 11.


hope you have a lovely week and… bye x.


2 responses to “Favourite bloggers”

  1. dashoffashiongirl Avatar

    You’ve such a gorgeous blog!


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