My shopping experience – Zaful Review

Hello readers

Today I am going to review my three clothes I got from zaful.

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The Clothes

These are the clothes I picked on zaful

.Batwing sleeve denim boyfriend jacket
.Black single-breasted high waist A-line skirt
.Letter print jewel neck long sleeve sweatshirt

The delivery

I ordered the clothes on Monday last week and the clothes I’ve picked are meant to come in two weeks. My package came a week early on Wednesday. When my clothes came, I was so excited because I expected my clothes to come later. The delivery came faster than other deliveries and I normally order my clothes on other sites in the past.

Website : https//


When I wore the black single-breasted high waisted A-line skirt, the skirt fitted me like a glove. I was very satisfied with the material of the black Demin skirt and how it fits me. The Demin skirt looks exactly like the image on Zaful.

The letter print jewel neck long sleeve sweatshirt fitted me properly when I first tried it on, the sleeve length of the jumpers and tops at home are quite full because I have long arms. The sleeve length of the cropped sweatshirt is full of how other jumpers and tops are supposed to look like on other people. The writing on the top shows clearly underneath my arms and the side of the top.

Lastly, When I wore the Batwing sleeve denim Boyfriend jacket,  The material of the denim looks like it will last for a long time. The denim jacket has two pockets inside the jacket and the jacket fits me properly. I can wear the denim jacket with almost everything which I am glad about.  The batwing denim jacket is exactly like the image on Zaful.



First look

I wore the Batwing sleeve denim boyfriend jacket with black and blue stripy jumper, black pinafore and black tights.

Second look

Letter print jewel neck long sleeves sweatshirt with black jeggings.

Third Look

Black single breasted high-waisted A-line skirt  with a grey long- sleeve turtleneck and black tights


Overall, I am satisfied with the clothes I ordered from Zaful because the clothes turned out to be exactly like the images on the website. Secondly,  The clothes fit me perfectly and lastly, I did not have any problems with the clothes when I first saw them or tried the clothes on. The delivery is very good.


Thank you for reading my blog post on my shopping experience – Zaful Review.

If you are interested in buying one or all of the clothes I’ve worn, the links are above the name of the clothes.

If you want to shop at zaful and look at their amazing clothes.

Hope you’ll have a wonderful week and … Bye x.



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