I Tried Eating Like BLACKPINK Jennie For A Day

Warning: This blog post is for experimental purposes and If this triggers you in any way, don’t read the rest and click off.

Today I decided to eat like Jennie from BLACKPINK for a day.

Instragram: @jennierubyjane

Before I started, I had to research what she eats so I can follow it properly.

I came across an article on Cosmopolitan on BLACKPINK’s Diet and Workout Routine.

Link: https://www.cosmo.ph/health/blackpink-diets-workout-routine-a704-20190422

She’s usually on a non-salt diet which involves foods that contains no salt. Jennie stated that she swells when she eats salty foods.

What she eats when she’s on a diet

Eats porridge (Probably plain since she’s on a no-salt diet)

Photo by Purple Smith on Pexels.com

Avocado salad with detox juice

Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

What I ate for a day

Breakfast: Avocado salad with detox juice

Added salad leaves, 1 whole avocado, half a can of beans salad mix, honey and lemon.

The salad was bland af, and the detox juice was great, but the smell was horrible.

Homemade detox juice

1.Baby spinach

2.Frozen summer fruits


4.Lemon juice

Lunch: Plain rice and leftover avocado salad with detox juice I didn’t finish

Lunch was great, but I wished I added a little bit of salt.

Dinner: Porridge

sorry if it looks disgusting.

Workout Routine: Pilates and dance practices

Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna on Pexels.com

I danced for about 30 minutes mainly to BLACKPINK and did Pilates for 16 minutes max.

I only know the first chorus of the dance.

How did my body felt during the day?

I felt as light as a feather and energetic. I wasn’t feeling heavy throughout the day, and my breath didn’t stink after each meal; however, I hated eating that day because the meals were tasteless. I wanted to finish each meal as quickly as I could so I can move on with my day not eating.

During the diet, I was craving chicken sandwiches or something salty for some reason.

This diet shows that most foods that I eat during the day contains salt, and being on non-salt diet can become hard when you’re doing it for weeks but, for the day, it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

Will I do it again?

No, it was hard enough for a day.

Thanks for reading my post on eating like Jennie Kim for a day.

I’ll try to post once a month since I want to focus on my studies.

Have a good month and…

Bye x.



3 responses to “I Tried Eating Like BLACKPINK Jennie For A Day”

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    1. Thanks lol, I wanted to do her diet plan properly however, I was too broke to buy ingredients since I was In my uni accommodation away from home.


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