I Tried April Han (April Han Fit and Fashion) Tone and Slim Thigh Workout For 7 Days – Is It Worth It?

Hello Readers,

During quarantine, I wanted to exercise especially on my thighs so I went on YouTube and came across a video that I’ve never seen before.

Toned & Slim Thighs in 7 DAYS |10 Min Beginner Leg Workout, No Jump (Eng Sub)

When I watched this video above, the workouts she did looked easy compared to other workouts I’ve seen.

Since the title of this video is eye-catching, I thought that why not try it to see if it’s legit; so I did for seven days of course.

Before I did the workout, I had to measure my thighs.

Left thigh measurements

Upper Thigh: 64 cm
Mid-Thigh: 58.2cm
Lower Thigh: 48 cm

Right thigh measurements

Upper Thigh: 63.3cm
Mid-Thigh: 58.5cm
Lower-Thigh: 51.5cm


Day 1: felt the burn between my inner thighs and during the cool-down, it was hard to do different poses. The workout is less intense and I felt like I didn’t do the work out properly.

Day 2 and 3: the same feeling in terms of the burn in the inner and back thigh.  Lost my balance on one of the poses during cool-down; other poses are getting easier for me.  I felt like I did the work out properly. 

Day 4: I did the work out twice and I was sweaty. I felt my inner, front and back thighs while I did the work out TWiCE. The cooldown was easier for me and noticed that I became more flexible compared to yesterday and the day before. I have a feeling that my legs are getting toned.

Day 5: did the work out twice again it was great at the start however I had a painful headache. I was also shakey whilst I did the donkey kicks on both of my legs.


Day 6: it’s getting better and I’m getting used to doing it twice. I can feel the burn on both thighs. Not surprised but glad because at least I’m doing the workouts properly. Tomorrow’s the last day and to be honest, I’m excited and nervous at the same time because I have to measure my both of my thighs. 

Day 7 (Last day): work out has been good. I can see that I’m getting more flexible. The stretches became easier for me. All I want to know is my results from doing this work out for a week. 


Left Thigh Measurements

Upper Thigh: 63.5cm (-0.5cm)
Mid-Thigh: 56 cm (-2.2cm)
Lower Thigh: 47 cm (-1cm)

Right Thigh Measurements

Upper Thigh: 63.1cm (-0.2cm)
Mid-Thigh: 57. 8cm (-0.7cm)
Lower Thigh: 48.5cm (-3cm)

Both Thighs

Upper Thighs: 0.4 cm difference

Mid-Thighs: 1.8 cm difference

Lower Thighs: 1.5 cm difference

I basically lost most weight on my mid-thighs.

the question you’ve been waiting for…

Is it worth it?

To be honest, this workout is worth it if you’re doing it for a month or two; however, the thigh workout is not worth it if you’re planning to lose a lot of thigh fat in 7 days.

I like this workout but I prefer doing Chloe Ting’s thigh workouts since it’s more challenging to me.

The thigh workout overall was easy to follow; however, the title of the video seems to be misleading to people like myself since it seems that getting slim and toned thighs in 7 days is easy and quick. I know the title of the video is for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes so people would find workout videos but again, the video in general seems to be misleading.

If you want to lose fat faster, you have to be on a healthy diet but for me, I didn’t which explains my results.

Thanks for reading.



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