Top 10 Female Vloggers 2018

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Since you like top 10 female vloggers 2017 and 2016, the link to both blog posts are below.

Top 10 female vloggers 2017


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Disclaimer: When I list the vloggers, I will give my personal opinions about the reason why I watch their channel. If my personal opinions are too harsh, I apologise. lastly, the youtubers I will list are the youtubers I watch in my spare time.


Let’s begin 🙂

2018 female vloggers

10. Amber Scholl

amber 1

What makes me continue to watch her Youtube videos is her personality. Furthermore, Amber seems like a kind and cheerful person on camera. Her youtube videos cheer me up when I have a crap day at college and I really love her luxury taste in fashion. I watched some of her funny fashion lookbooks and one of the fashion lookbooks I’ve watched from her is my Sugar daddy died lookbook.

amber 2

The Video

The Intro in her video made me laugh especially this part.

*In her posh British accent*

“Yes oh no, what happened? what do you mean? my dear, oh Harold has passed away of mysterious circumstances, please, give, a moment to morn”.

Not to forget, I LOVE her extra personality!

Her sugar baby outfit in this lookbook is sugar baby appropriate 🙂

I can’t 🙂

If you are interested in fashion and DIY, her channel is worth watching!

9. Wengie

wengie 1

I started to watch her videos around October 2017 after I watched the trendy on youtube. I mostly watch her reaction videos with her boyfriend. Moreover, they have their reaction channel called Reacticorns. I really love her creativity and how she puts a lot of effort into her videos and she seems as a sweet person on camera.

Recently, I’ve watched one of her DIY school videos and it’s called Edible pranks using school supplies. When I first saw the title, the title sounds weird to me for some reason, however, when I clicked on it, the whole video seems entertaining to watch.

wengie 2

The Video

Note: In the video, Wengie on the right is me when I see someone randomly eating their own stationaries.

Her thumbnails are appealing and colourful.

Another video I’ve watched from her is one of her old videos called A date

with a kpop Idol.

Since I listen to Kpop, I clicked on the video and overall, the video is good.

wengie 3

The Video

If you are interested in Fun DIYs, lifestyle and beauty, I would recommend you to watch Wengie.

8. Asia Jackson

asia 1

I found her youtube channel when she was featured in one of Babylon’s M/V which is called Ocean drive. Since then, I started to watch her youtube videos. I believe she is an Inspirational person because she inspired me to not give up on what I am doing. I’ve watched one of her videos called why I dropped out of college (university in the UK) and why it’s okay to fail. The video was inspirational to me because it actually relates to what happened to me in year 11 (10th grade/Sophomore in America). At that time, I wasn’t in a good position. The video was emotional to me and the letter she wrote touched my heart. When she said, “I didn’t do well in classroom environments”, I thought to myself that I didn’t do well in year 11 might be because the classroom environment wasn’t for me :(.

asia 2

What I eat in the day videos is one of my favourite videos from her and it’s because the food she cooks and eats in the video is healthy.

The Video

When she was reacting to her old videos she was mostly confused when she watched her old videos. She was confused because her younger-self didn’t know what she was doing while she was applying makeup.

7. Timaloveslemons

tima 1

What I like about Tima is her calm and kind personality. I like her style and her taste in fashion and her fashion videos and reviews are enjoyable to watch. I’ve watched her YouTube video called lookbook evolution 2014-2017. The video was interesting to watch because, in the video, I saw how her taste in fashion has developed over the years. Her editing skills have improved throughout the years as well :).

I’ve watched online hate rant and japan vlogmas 14 GRWM ( Get ready with me). In the video, she talks about how her friends read about what people wrote about her online. Tima said people said mean things to her especially the wig she wore with a fringe (bangs) she did herself.

Fashion lookbook evolution

tima 2

Video title: I should say this…

In this video, she talked about her struggles with sponsorships. Some companies gave her free clothes without payment which is the main problem of being a youtuber and blogger.



So, if you are interested in fashion, reviews and story times Timaloveslemons is for you!

The video

6. Ella K

ella k

I found her Youtube channel a year ago I think. I’ve watched her youtube video called my daily Korean study routine + materials was interesting to watch. In the video, she displays what she has bought. Furthermore, she gave an honest opinion about the Korean textbooks.

Also, she shows what she does when she is studying Korean.

ella k 2

I like her Jennie from Blackpink’s inspired look. I can tell she tried her best to complete the look.

The Video

Her storytimes are entertaining to watch. My favourite storytime video from her is my Korean tutor did what??

When I watched her trying to speak full Korean in one of her videos, I can tell that she tried her best to speak full Korean in her video.

If you are interested in learning Korean, storytimes, beauty, and lifestyle, Ella K is worth watching.

5. Kennie J.D

kennie 1

Her storytimes are entertaining to watch. My favourite storytime from her is “I’m outside of your dorm” but why tho storytime. She was in the semifinals for style Korean and made two videos for the competition. One of my favourite videos for style Korean competition is the true diva’s K-beauty routine because it’s funny to watch.

The Video

kennie 2

When she clapped her hands for someone to apply products to her face. To be honest, it made me laugh. Her voice in A true diva’s K-beauty routine reminds me of a middle-aged rich person in the fashion industry.

I guess?

I’m not shading anyone though. The bloopers of a true diva’s routine made me laugh.

When Kendall tells her stories, I Imaged her in these situations.

kennie 3

Her makeup looks amazing though!

Her pink panther makeup tutorial is my favourite makeup tutorial from her.

4. Megan Bowen (Chonunmigooksaram)

megan 1

I found her YouTube channel last year and since then, I continued to watch her channel. Her intro in her YouTube videos, “Hello friends and family, this is Megan bo chonunmigooksaram”, is catchy. During my summer holiday, I’ve watched her FAD (fashion and dance) videos she made ages ago. Her FAD videos are creative and entertaining to watch. My first FAD video was ‘FAD fashion and dance my current fav clothes’.

megan 2

FAD video


For my final Major project at college, I’ve created a magazine article about lifestyle youtubers and I wrote about her in my magazine article.

Her old videos were entertaining to watch.

One of her old videos I watched on her youtube channel was her lesson planning: Korean schools. In the video, she talked and showed us some resources for lesson planning. She also showed us the textbooks she used for her students.

She has an energetic and bubbly personality which I like about her.

If you are interested in Korean culture, fashion, storytimes and advice, I recommend you to watch Megan Bowen.


q2han 1

What I like about their Youtube videos especially their vlogs are their individual personalities. For my college assignment, I used them as my case study which is called How Youtube and blogging websites have shaped today’s society. In my case study, I wrote about what content they put on their youtube channel and how the twins started their youtube channel. In my presentation, I showed two videos on their youtube channel to compare the difference and how the twins have changed throughout the years. The two videos I showed to the audience were their first youtube video and Kahlo Liphop fall lookbook 2017.

The video

As a Qtee (what they call their fans), I direct messaged them to congratulate them on their collaboration with H&M. Sadly, they didn’t see my message:(.

One vlog I’ve watched on their youtube channel is when they went to eyeye (a Korean clothing brand) and tried on their clothes.

q2han 2

I like their step-by-step DIY tutorial on Blackpink as if it’s your last.

The video

Their vlogs are entertaining to watch.

The Twins

Qwon: left

Qjin: Right

They always say, “sprinkle, sprinkle unicorn pee pee” and “sprinkle, sprinkle unicorn dandruff”. I believe it’s between them and the Qtees and I am one of the Qtees.


fei 1

The first video I’ve watched on her youtube channel was when she met GOT7. Since then, I still watch her youtube videos. I like her bubbly personality and she seems like a sweet person on camera. Her Kpop reaction videos are relatable to kpop fans especially international kpop fans. I actually laughed while I was watching one of her BTS M/V reactions.

Her beauty videos are interesting to watch and my favourite youtube video from her is TT with Fei. It’s because she reviews beauty trends that are or were viral online.

I like to watch her reviews on beauty products.

fei 2

The video

Her get ready with me videos are enjoyable to watch.

Overall, her videos are never boring to me personally.

Now, It’s time for the…

Honourable mentions

1. Sonia Leslie


2.Celia Leslie

celia leslie

3. Chin the kid

chin the kid

4. Nava Rose

nava rose

5. Jessie Paege

jessie paege

The number one spot for the top 10 female vloggers 2018 is…

*Drum roll*

1. Hurricane LaLa

la 2

What I definitely like about her YouTube channel are her storytimes.


It’s because the way she tells her stories is engaging to her audience and me.

When I watched her video on My transition story from nerd to the baddie.


la 3

In the video, Lala said she has changed throughout the years and when she talked about her younger self, she said she was extremely shy and taller than all of the boys in her high school (a secondary school in the UK). She said she was picked on by people which is really sad to me. Personally, I’ve experienced people picking on me because of my shyness and I seemed like an easy target for people. Plus, I was really tall, skinny and awkward.

la 1

She is an inspiration to teenage girls like me and women internationally. I am glad that her confidence grew throughout the years.

I’ve watched one of her storytimes called meeting my Korean boyfriend’s family… made me laugh so much.


Overall, I am glad that I found her channel 🙂

If you are interested in storytimes, reviews, and lifestyle, Lala is worth watching!

Thank you so much for reading my blog post on top 10 female vloggers 2018!

I am happy that you guys really enjoy reading my top 10 female vloggers series.

Have a lovely day and… bye 🙂

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