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Tas Interviews is an Interview series where I  interview at least six fashion and lifestyle bloggers like myself. I’ll ask six questions, 4 based on their blog and two questions based on fashion and lifestyle trends. This interview series will last for six weeks.
Every interview will be published on the 6th day of the week.

  • 6 fashion and lifestyle bloggers
  • 6 questions
  • Published on the 6th day which is Saturday
  • 6 weeks

Today’s Interviewee is Ishafou Fatty, an aspiring blogger/youtuber from America and 1st gen Afromerican. Her birthday is on March 2nd like myself! and she wants to start a business based on African fashion.

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                                         Six Questions

Sharifah: In your recent Instagram post, why were you hesitant to be a fashion blogger?

Ishatou:  I was hesitant for many reasons.

1. I am around people who don’t really agree with modest fashion. They see modest Fashionistas as the “ other “. They feel like fashion is inherently not modest. Now, these are my friends and family that I love, but I just felt like they would never understand that this, (fashion) is an art form and a form of self-expression.
2. I was always scared that I wouldn’t succeed as a fashion blogger I did not see myself to be like the fashion bloggers that I was exposed to. I am a teenager who barely wears makeup and I barely shop from H&M or forever 21. I just didn’t think I would be important enough for people to be interested in me.
Moslema in style
Credit: Wikipedia

Sharifah: Who Inspired you to start an African fashion company?

Ishatou: Actually, I was inspired by an experience it was around Eid ( a Muslim celebration) and I wanted to wear African clothes but I couldn’t afford to get it custom made and I couldn’t find ready-made outfits that were accessible anywhere. I am originally from West Africa (Gambia + Senegal) and I believe that African fashion is beautiful. The fabrics, the designs, they all tell stories and they could be made into so many things.

African queens.JPG

credit: Wikimedia Commons

Sharifah: Why do you want to start a fashion business?

Isahtou: I want to start a fashion business because I love fashion and I believe that my business will be inventive and bring a new perspective to the fashion world that others can benefit from.

Siti_Nurhaliza wiki

Credit: Wikipedia

Sharifah: Will you ever start a fashion blog?

Ishatou: I’m not sure about a blog, but I do aim to start a fashion and lifestyle youtube channel with lookbooks, DIYs and poetry videos.

long skirt

Credit: Wikipedia

Sharifah: What is your favourite going out outfit?

Ishatou: Ooh, that’s a hard one. I think my favorite outfit would be a long loose skirt, a long sleeve T-shirt with a blouse, wedged ankle boots, and a plain colored hijab.


Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Sharifah: What are the five fashion trends you love?

Ishatou:  To be completely honest, I really do struggle to pick up on trends. But I will try to name some.

1. Calf length layered skirts with knee-length heeled boots. This seems to have gone away fast but I can’t get over how genius it is.
2.Oversized Tops. God, I love oversized hoodies, sweaters, cardigans etc.
3. Tracksuits. They are comfortable, usually modest, and cute all at the same time.
4. Ripped Jeans with leggings under. You can see this in some of my looks on Instagram. I love this look.
5.Socks and heels. It’s just so cool and adorable.
ripped jeans
credit: Pixabay
Thank you for reading this interview.
She was fun to interview and I got to know her more as I asked questions.
If you enjoy reading this interview, make sure you like this blog post and make sure you follow her on Instagram and add her on facebook page!
Next week will be another interview.
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Ishatou’s Instagram: isha2f
Ishatou’s facebook page: Ishatou Fatty



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