Christmas presents I will buy and bought for my family and secret Santa.

Hello readers, welcome to my second Christmas blog post on Christmas presents I will buy and bought for my family and secret Santa.

I want to show you the presents that I want to give to my family and secret Santa because I want to give you some good ideas about what you should give to your family and friends.

Secret Santa (shhh…)

Makeup brushes


My brother’s Christmas present

Black and blue penny board



My older sister’s present

Naked palette brushes



My other older sister’s present


My twin sister’s present

I didn’t buy her a Christmas present yet, however, when I go to town, I will buy her something to do with owls or unicorns is she really loves them.



My mum’s present

Purple photo album


My dad’s Christmas present

Hot water bottle for this cold season


Thank you for reading my quick blog post and Hopefully, you like it. I have made a new Pinterest account on Thursday. If you have Pinterest you can look at what I have pinned.

I am going to do a DIY Christmas blog post tomorrow (Sunday).

Hope you have a lovely day and… Bye x.


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