Top 10 female Vloggers 2017

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This month last year, I did a blog post on top 10 female vloggers. A few months later, you guys started to love it and since you guys love my first top 10, I want to update my top 10 female YouTubers.

another top 10

So let’s begin ūüôā


10. Adonia Bree

adonia bree

I started to watch her YouTube videos recently and the first video I’ve watched from her was DIY bralette. After, I started to watch more of her videos since I am interested in DIY. I watched DIY feather trim nightie and the DIY rhinestones feather DIY chokers and I just love the creativity in her videos. Her videos make me want to create one of her designs in her YouTube videos.

The materials she uses are affordable. My favourite choker from her is the rhinestone feathers because it looks glamorous and elegant to me. The main reason I watch her YouTube videos is that the designs she makes look expensive from a high-end clothing store or website.

9. Roxxsaurus


I started to watch her YouTube videos almost a year ago I think. My favourite video from her YouTube channel is her collaboration with Saffron Barker on 10 DIY evil Christmas Pranks because most of the pranks in the video are funny to watch. I also want to try her pranks myself on my family and friends to see how they react.

I watched one of her vlogs when she collaborated with Loreal Paris. She showed behind the scenes for her collaboration in New York. She also hung out with Gigi Hadid during her collaboration. When I saw one of her makeup looks in the Vlog, the makeup look really suits her. During her Vlog, she showed us what the makeup artist will put on Gigi Hadid on paper.

rox and gigi

8. Saffron Barker

saffron barker

What I like about her YouTube channel is how she has a positive attitude throughout her videos. I watched one of the collaboration videos with Elliot on what’s in my mouth challenge. The challenge was funny because the way Saffron reacted to some foods.

saffron barker 2¬† My favourite YouTube video from her is a spoof of I’m a celebrity get me out of here called I’m a Youtuber get me out of here and The Challenges in her videos are entertaining to watch. One of her collaborations with Roxxsaurus on Fall and winter routine was entertaining to watch because it’s relatable.

7. kyutie

kyuite¬† She plays online games and her reaction videos are fun to watch also she posts her YouTube videos daily. I have played one of the games she has played in one of her videos called what year you were meant to be born. Overall, my results said I’m a 2000’s child which I am. I also watched can Akinator guess my crush which I enjoyed watching.

kyuite 2

She has a bubbly personality on camera which I like about her.

6. Wild Daze


wild daze

I watched her summer try on haul and I love her style. I love the top she wore in the video and I also love her choker in the video. I like her laid-back personality on camera. In the summer try on haul, I love the material of the off the shoulder white top she has bought from Forever 21 because it is something I would wear out to a meal or to the beach. I also love her suede booty shorts from Forever 21.

wild daze 2

I watched a lifestyle video called what I eat in a day. Since she’s vegan, she made veggie burgers with homemade chips for dinner which I want to try.

5. Whitneybae


I started to watch her YouTube videos last month and I love her bubbly personality. I mostly watch her vlogs because they’re interesting to watch. I watched one of her vlogs when she had a huge makeover called experiencing a Korean beauty salon. When I saw her makeup look at the end of the vlog, I love how her hair and makeup suits her. Her experience was interesting to watch on YouTube.

whitneybae 2

Her videos are very positive and she seems very friendly and nice in her Youtube videos.

4. Weekly Imogen

weekly imogen

I still watch her YouTube videos because I am into photography. When I watched best photography book this Christmas, she showed the photography books and explained what’s inside each book. As she showed each photography books, I wanted to buy it myself so I can learn about photography. In her Youtube videos, I just love how the photographs that mark takes are so clear and beautiful. One of the books she showed in her video is the photography book called the lighting people which talks about the gear and the technical stuff.

weekly imogen 2


Another YouTube video I watched from her is called the first black model. In the video, the model is Nigerian(whoop, whoop) like me. She models in different locations in London with the photographer Mark. I just love how they show us the photos from the photo shoot.






I watched her YouTube videos since last year and I love the style of her videos.

I love her outfits in her YouTube videos and on Instagram because it’s kind of my style. I watched one of her collaboration videos called school outfit ideas 2016. The first outfit in the video is my favourite because the outfit looks comfortable on her.

Almost a year ago, I watched 4 outfit ideas personality inspired look. I found this group called kero kero bonito from this YouTube video.

beautybybriddy 2

Her editing skills are unique and I would like to meet her.

2. Gemma Stafford


I love to watch her YouTube videos because I am into baking. My favourite recipes from her YouTube channel are her microwave recipes. Christmas baking is one of my favourite baking videos from her because I love to bake during the Christmas period. I also watch her bold baking basics so I can learn how to make a basic such as pastries. My favourite microwave recipes are the pizza mug and microwave chocolate brownie because it is quick and easy which I like.

gemma 2


The number one spot for this top 10 is…

1. Jackie Aina

jackie 5

Where do I start?

The first video I have watched her were trends we’re ditching in 2016 and everything she said in the video was so true. I found the video very funny and entertaining. I love her fun, bubbly and positive personality. I watched one of her YouTube videos called expensive product I regret buying and in the video, she was very truthful about the products.

jackie 4

Another YouTube video I watched from her was GRWM with Maybelline and she talked about their foundation shade she used for her skin. She also talked about how the foundation( Maybelline)has all skin types which is amazing for me because I struggle to find foundation in my skin colour.

jackie 3

My older sister also watches her YouTube videos and my sister and I watched one of her videos on YouTube.

That’s it.

Thank you for reading my blog post on my top 10 female YouTubers. If you haven’t seen top 10 female vloggers, the link is below.

or google female vloggers

hope you’ll have a lovely week and…

Bye, x.

Update: Hi readers,

Make sure you read my recent blog post on top 10 female Vloggers 2018.




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4 responses to “Top 10 female Vloggers 2017”

  1. Hey! I promised on Twitter that I’d come check out your blog…here I am!

    I’ve only heard of 2 of these vloggers. I’m so glad that I found this post because I was recently looking for new Youtubers to watch.

    Great list!



    1. Thank you, which vloggers?


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