OOTW: September 2017 

Hello readers,

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Who’s excited to go back to school and study hard?

let me guess, no one.


Since everyone is going back to school, College or University, I want to share what I would wear when I go back to college.

If you go to a school that wears school uniform, don’t worry, this blog post will give you ideas for your day out.

My OOTW: school edition




Thank you for reading my blog post on my OOTW back to school outfits.


  • New blog posts will be uploaded on Saturday’s instead of Monday’s.
  • If I miss weeks of blogging, that means I’m really busy.

Have a lovely week and… Bye x.

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P.S: Remember, study hard 🙂


4 responses to “OOTW: September 2017 ”

  1. I love this gif from daria TV show. Thx for rind rind ng me about it. Have a lovely Sunday! 💕💕💕

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    1. You’re welcome and you too x.


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