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Who doesn’t love dogs?



They’re fun, playful and loving animals.

In this blog post, I will write about how dogs can benefit your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Why do dogs improve our health?

Think about it.

They can change our mood, positively.

Mental health

Service dogs can help people who have mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar and more.

dogs love


What happens when you pet a dog?

When we stroke a dog, our brain produces Oxytocin which is a stress-reducing hormone.

Why are most people calm around dogs?

The reason people are calm around dogs is that they are unbiased towards Human beings.

The Experiment

This experiment took place in Switzerland where children have to do a presentation. Audrea Beetz observed 80 school children and the children were put into three groups.  One group was with a dog they knew very well; the second group had a friend to support them and the last group had a stuffed animal to hold before and during the presentation.

children and dogs

The results 

  • The group with the dog was less stressed during the presentation.
  • The other two groups without a dog were more stressed during the presentation. This is because their stressed levels increased during their presentation.


Overall, this experiment shows that dogs can help people who are anxious and scared during exams and presenting in front of others.

Physical and spiritual health

dogs with humans

Dr Elizabeth fates reports, dogs can help you to lose weight and increase blood pressure. Lastly, I believe that their hyperactive behaviour can encourage individuals to be active and dogs can turn people’s minds from a negative mind to a positive mind.



PuppySpot created this graphic that highlights the benefits of having a dog and how they can impact your mental, spiritual and physical health in celebration of National Dog Week. PuppySpot for those who don’t know is a service committed to helping responsible breeders place their puppies with caring individuals and families across the U.S



puppyspot dog

Thank you for reading this blog post on how dogs can improve your health.

Hope you have a lovely week and…

bye, x.


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