Top 5 Favourite Popcorn and drink combinations

Hello readers,

In this blog post, I want to share my favourite pairing combinations with skinny pop popcorn and a cocktail.

Since I can’t drink, I will state what combinations sounds nice to me.

The Graphic



5. Autumn pear and mojito with sweet salt and pepper popcorn

The drink sounds nice due to how there’s a mixture of sweet and savoury in the drink. The Pear is the sweet part of the drink by how you can taste the sweet juice of the pear when you chew. Overall, Sweet and savoury combinations are one of my favourites!

4. Cranberry Margarita with pepper jack / Jalapeno popcorn

The reason the drink is N.O 4 on the list is that I dislike spicy food. The graphic is right about how the cranberry will cool down the spice in your tongue.

3. Cranberry cinnamon whisky sour with Aged white cheddar/ Dairy-free white cheddar popcorn

The cranberry and the cinnamon combination sounds amazing and Sweet and sour is one of my favourite combinations!

2. Apple cider Moscow Mule with Original  popcorn

The flavour in the original popcorn would sound nice with the apple cider. This is because the Basic flavour mixed with tasteful flavours compliments each other.

The number one spot goes to…

(the drum roll)


The reason this is my top favourite popcorn and drink combinations is that the sweetness in the popcorn will satisfy my tongue. If I buy popcorn, I would normally pick the sweet one.

With skinny pop popcorn, there are many flavours you can choose from such as their pepper jack flavoured popcorn. They don’t only sell popped popcorn, they sell popcorn cakes, popcorn mini cakes and microwaved popcorn.

skinny pop

The popcorn has NO GOMS, Gluten or preservatives.

To enjoy their tasty, gluten-free snack, go to their popcorn page

Thank you for reading my blog post on my favourite popcorn and drink combinations.

Have a nice week and…

Bye x


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