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In this blog post, I will show you Warby Parker Summer 2018 Glasses Collection. Also, Warby Parker Summer Collection has eight brand new pair of glasses for you to wear with your stylish outfit!

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As I show you the new summer collection, I will write about the colours, the style and the shape of the glasses. Make sure you check out their eyeglasses styles to select your pair of glasses.

By the way, I really like a pair of glasses that suits my personality and style.

Just saying.

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So, let’s begin

Warby Parker Summer Collection 2018

Lucy and Hallie

Lucy and Hallie have midcentury-flavoured frames whose trapezoidal forms, sloping brows, and polished metal endcaps give them a certain low-key glamour.

Lucy Eyeglasses





Lucy Small: I really like the mixture of the colours on the glasses and the style is sophisticated which would look nice.

Black Lucy: You can wear anything with these glasses such as a daytime dress with a purse. This is because black goes with everything, literally!

Pink Lucy: If you are a girly-girl, you would love to wear these glasses. This is because you can wear this with your cute and stylish outfits.

White Lucy Small: The style of the glasses is fancy and mature because you can wear it to a date, an event or to work. The colour of the glasses would suit me, personally.

Hallie Eyeglasses



Blue Hallie: I really love the colour of these glasses because I can wear basically anything, such as my denim jacket, a plain white tee with my leather skirt. This is because of the colour of the glasses is dark, which is really good.

Pink Hallie: Like the pink Lucy, You can wear these glasses with a cute stylish outfit when you’re going out with your friends or when you’re studying at home.

The Lucy and Hallie Outfit


Jane rounds out the feminine, more sculptural side of the lineup with a circular cat-eye silhouette.

Jane Eyeglasses


WP-Jane-664-Eyeglasses-Angle-A3-sRGB (1)

Jane: These eyeglasses are suitable if you like a mature look when you’re out or at home. I really like the mixture of the colours which really suits my style and personality, personally.

Pink Jane: I love to wear these eyeglasses with a daytime dress with heels on a weekend or to an event with my family. The colour of the glasses has a daytime vibe, which is really good to me.

The Jane Outfit

Barnes, Brady, Dawes and Evvy

Barnes, Brady, Dawes, and Evvy make up the rest of the assortment. It’s hard not to be taken by Evvy: an ultra-oversized square frame with an unmistakably ’70s spirit. It comes in the new, peachy Paloma Crystal and Moonstone, a greyish colourway with an uncommon horizontal gradient.

Barnes, Dawes and Brady Eyeglasses


Dawes and Brady have a mature and handsome look which looks amazing on the model. You don’t have to worry about what outfit you should wear with the glasses because the colours of the glasses go with anything!

The Dawes, Brady and Barnes Outfit

collage 2018-04-09 19_07_35_11389255077..jpeg

collage 2018-04-09 19_10_34_1-1073080838..jpeg

Evvy Eyeglasses


The Evvy glasses is fashionable because you can wear these with a fashionable outfit that is trending in this season. Personally, these eyeglasses are my favourite because I really like the shape, the size and the colour. I would wear these glasses anywhere!

The Evvy Outfit

collage 2018-04-09 17_56_20_1-1543704480..jpeg

Overall, I really like all of the eyeglasses because I really like warm and light tones which suits the summer season.

Thank you for reading my blog post on Warby Parker Summer Collection 2018 and I hope you like all of the designs of the glasses.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an American brand that sells prescription glasses and sunglasses online. They have retail stores in different states of America and Canada.

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They sell different types of prescription glasses and sunglasses that suits your style and personality!

warby parker 1

warby parker 2

Also, you can pick and try five pairs of their prescription glasses and sunglasses at home, for five days!

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Warby Parker will kindly ship your five selected prescription glasses and sunglasses to your door for free.

Social media

Instagram: @warbyparker

Twitter: @warbyparker

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