TAS Interviews 2019: It’s LouLous Blog

Hello readers!

This is slightly different from my previous blog posts because…

*drum roll*

This is an Interview blog post.

During last week, I decided to interview a lifestyle blogger called it’s Lou Lous Blog which is great since I like to connect with other bloggers with the same/similar niche as me.

I Hope you enjoy reading this interview!

The Interview

Blog: https://itsloulousblog.co.uk/

T: When and why did you start your blog?

L: May 2017 and I started my blog as I was still studying and I get quite bored when I wasn’t doing assignments… I know weird right but my brain has to stay active haha.
T: Do you know anyone who has inspired you to start your blog?
L: I mean for a few years now I’ve always wanted to do a blog or be on YouTube but felt like I had nothing interesting to share. But then I saw how easy it is to set up and just thought let’s just do it haha!

T: What do you like about being a lifestyle blogger and why?

L: I love how it’s just freelance and I get to share my experiences and also take really cute pictures!


T: Throughout your blogging journey, did you face any challenges?

L: Yeah I would say is getting noticed or keeping people interested.

T: What do you like and dislike about being a blogger?

L: I love that I can share what my interests are with fashion and beauty, I dislike the fact some groups on Facebook or Twitter, the interaction can be a little not fair.

T: Do you think being a blogger/influencer is an easy job?

L: Erm I don’t consider myself being a blogger a job as I just blog when I want to!

T: What are your blog goals for the rest of 2019?

L: More interaction would be great!

T: What do you see your blog and blogger experience in 5 years’ time?

L: Erm hopefully with a better website design/ logo, just it is more polished!

T: Since you like to travel, what is your favourite event/travel experience in 2019?

L: Erm ask me this again by the end of the year!

But so far there was seeing BTS and Craig David live! Seeing one of my good friends get married.


T: What is your advice to a new blogger who wants to turn their blog into a proper website?

L: Erm give me some advice once you got some haha!

T: What is your advice to someone who is struggling with blog stats?

L: Depends if it is a job I could imagine that’s hard but as I’m doing it freelance it doesn’t really matter for me.

T: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to become a freelance blogger?

L: DO IT, and if you have ideas write them down or put them in notes in your phone… and do the blog!


Thank you for reading this interview!

Here are her socials

Twitter: @LC_ninetytwo

Instagram: @itsloulou_c

Facebook: @itslouloublog

Blog: https://itsloulousblog.co.uk/

Have a nice week and…




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