How To Grow Yourself As A Person – Tips and Advice

Hello Readers,

Sorry that I haven’t been blogging for almost a month and it’s because I have been going through a few things in my personal life.

I had zero motivation to do anything which is really bad and a waste of time for me since I’m currently on a summer holiday.

Since I’ve gone through my personal issues, I’ve decided to write this blog post to those who are going through the same or similar situation as me.

So, what is growth?

Well, growth is a process of developing yourself mentally, physically and spiritually – Google

You’re asking

What are your tips and advice about growing as a person?

And here is my version of it

1. Letting go of toxic people

To grow as a person, you need to let things that are affecting you mentally, physically and spiritually go.

If Your friend is being very toxic towards you, for example, talking behind your back or not being supportive, what would you do?

Personally, I would honestly speak to him or her personally to address the situation clearly to point out what they did wrong.

However, if that person denies it and does it again, I have no choice but to remove him or her out of my life.

It sounds easy to do that but it’s actually hard to let go of someone.

To some people it’s easy but to me, it’s hard 😓


It is naturally normal when it comes to comparing however, it can become problematic when it comes to comparing others who are different from you.

Throughout my 19 years of life, I have compared myself to others in terms of grades, lifestyle, looks and personality which is very wrong!

But I’m trying to stop it because I realised that God created everyone to be unique!

If everyone has the same personality, looks and lifestyle, the world would be bland.

Always remember that you are your own person and only focus on your personal journey from beginning to end.

3. Respect others

It is important for us to respect others by being helpful or smile at them when they look sad.

When I or you treat someone that is not respectful, remember how would you feel if the person disrespected you?

Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Other ways to grow as a person

  • Don’t be hard on yourself
  • Do not be fake
  • don’t hide your emotions from others
  • Learn new things
  • Forgiveness
  • Face your fears


Be supportive!

Thanks for reading my blog post on this subject.

The advice and tips I gave you will also help me to grow as a person as I’m still growing mentally.

As promised, I will upload one blog post a week until I return to University.


Have a nice week and bye.

And remember, you and I still have time to change and grow.

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