The Truth About Nasty Gal|Honest Review

Hello Readers,

So today, I decided to write an honest review on a clothing store called nasty gal.


What inspired me to write this blog post was when I was watching a Popular UK television programme called Love Island. When advertisements started to show after each part of the programme, I saw a nasty gal advert and wondered how 1, I didn’t see enough diversity and 2, it included one body type which is tiring to see.

Especially in 2019😒.

The last time I wrote an honest review based on clothing boutiques was oh Polly.

Here’s the link to the blog post


Nasty gal is known as an American retail store that targets females who are in their mid-late teens – early twenties I think.


Businesswoman Sophia Amoruso started nasty gal in 2006.

Credit: Flickr

There’s a Netflix series that is based on the founder Amoruso’s life and how she started her own business.

Personally, her story is very inspirational!

The Review

Before I review it, I have to seriously address that whilst I review the website, I am not trying to offend anyone or disrespect the company; this blog post is made to share my personal opinion on the company.

Primary Review

1. The Pros

The Home Page

  • The layout is well presented.
  • The information the customers need to know such as customer care is there.



  • The range of clothes sizes ranging from UK size 4-14 and for plus size it’s from UK size 16-22.
  • Good range of prices
  • Good sales and discounts

Personally, I would purchase some of their clothes since it would suit me.


2. The Cons

Home page

  •  No person of colour and plus-size model is shown on the home/main page.
  • Only shows one body type and look.



  • Most of their clothes seem very basic which is boring to me.
  • Only saw a little amount of WOC (Women of colour) models.



Secondary review

Source: best company

Last updated: 19/08/19

85 per cent of customers gave nasty gal one and a half stars out of five full stars!

The reason was because of customer complaints such as bad customer service and refund problems.



Overall, Nasty gal is really good when it comes to sales and discounts, however, they need to look into their weaknesses such as how they treat their customers when it comes to refunds and customer service. Also, they need to show a variety of women on their main/home page which includes Woman of colour and plus-size models.


Thank you for reading this blog post on my honest review!

If you agree or disagree with this review, that is okay.

My next blog post will be fashion based!

Have a nice week!



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