How I have clear skin| skin care routine

Hello readers,


Welcome to the new year!

Actually,  a new decade and I’m finally back.

I want to share my skincare routine.

Since you don’t know, I have sensitive skin and stopped using certain products on my face because I’m not sure how my face would react.

I hope this story will inspire you to look after your skin.

My Story

Throughout last year, my skin has changed and reacted to certain moisturisers and oils badly.

I used to have clear skin throughout secondary school and college until I started my first year in university.

Whilst I was there, I started to get spots on my face and rashes around my lips especially during winter.

As my rash developed, my sisters started to notice and told me I needed to be careful when purchasing skincare products especially for my face.

skin reaction n.o 1

My wake up call!

In September, I stupidly put body lotion on my face every day for the past week and then I started to get a little rash on my right side of my eye. I didn’t pay any attention to it until November. I decided to go to my local pharmacy near my university and bought e45 itch relief cream that is suitable for rashes. The pharmacist said the cream would work on my rash however, it didn’t.

On Saturday, I had an allergic reaction on my eye and had to call an emergency number (999 is the UK’s emergency number) to address my problem.

When I addressed the problem, I had to go to a hospital at 1:00am to get it checked.

An allergic reaction (Skin reaction n.o 2)

When I visited the doctor, he checked my eye and told me I have dermatitis and per scribed me with hydrocortisone cream.

The medicine worked.

The whole experience was a wake-up call and till this day,  I realise that I need to look after and care for my skin.

Products I can’t use on my face and lips so far.

My skincare routine

To look after my face, I usually use at least four-five products.

Day time 

1. In the morning after I brush my teeth, I use clean and clear morning energy to wash my face in a circular motion.


2. I use warm water to rinse my face.


3. Then, I use The Yeon Yowoo face moisturiser to start the day.


Night time 

1. Before I go to bed, I use the face shop rice water foaming cleanser to wash my face and after, I apply my wake skincare face mask on my face and wait at least 15 minutes.

2. I wash it off with warm water and moisturise my face with Yeon Yowoo face cream.

3. My skincare routine will improve throughout this year since I’m very new to using beauty products.


If you have any advice, comment underneath this blog post or email me.

Have a good week.



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