I did the cup diet to lose weight for a week| does it work?

Hello readers,

How are you?

Anyway, after watching a few YouTube videos on this subject, I decided to do the cup diet for a week to see if it works on my body.

If you don’t know what the cup diet is, its when you put and measure food into three cups based on food group for example.

Cup 1: Carbohydrates

Cup 2: Protein

Cup 3: Vegetables

This diet is mostly used in the K- pop industry by idols when they’re preparing for a comeback, for example, 9 muses.

Credit: 9 muses official Instagram

When I first heard about it, I was really sceptical because I thought the diet could cause people to have a bad relationship with food which is a red flag 🚩

Before I start this diet, I have to state a few things.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND this diet to anyone who is on medication, on their period, on study leave (exam season doing exams), previously or currently having a bad relationship with food, sick, ill.

Basically, if you’re not healthy or too busy.

Okay, let’s begin!

My Weight before the cup diet

The cup I used to measure my food.

I usually eat 2 meals a day because sometimes I forget to pack my lunch to campus or I have classes around lunchtime.

Day 1: Monday

Breakfast: Ate a banana

Lunch/ dinner: I ate an unhealthy meal because I didn’t really eat anything throughout the day and I was exhausted from walking from class to class without any food or fluids in my body.

Mission not accomplished.

Day 2: Tuesday

Breakfast: Oat bars (I had 2)

Snack: again, I had oat bars and a drink

Lunch/Dinner: tuna, rice with vegetables

Snack: one cup of popcorn

Day 3: Wednesday

Breakfast: oat bars

Lunch/dinner: rice noodles, eggs and vegetables

Snack: an oat bar

Day 4: Thursday

Breakfast: protein shake

Lunch: rice noodles, eggs with vegetables

Dinner: ate pizza and ice cream (unsuccessful)!!!

Day 5: Friday

Breakfast: blueberry and banana smoothie

Lunch/ dinner: pho 🍲

Day 6: Saturday

Breakfast: oatmeal with blueberries

Lunch: tuna and vegetables

Dinner: grilled cheese

Day 7: Sunday

Breakfast: French toast ( I put stevia instead of sugar) with blueberries and sprinkled dark chocolate chips.

Lunch/ dinner: tofu fried rice

My body after the cup diet

Overall, I had my ups and downs during the cup diet because I didn’t eat enough food since going to classes and meetings for my group project so my body craved unhealthy foods.

Would I do it again?

I would do it again if I have time but since I’m a university student, I don’t have the time to measure food into cups every day.

It’s good for portion control.

Thanks for reading this blog post!

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Have a great month and remember to eat healthily!

bye 👋


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