How to Rebrand Yourself and Move On!

Hello Readers,

Before I start this blog post, I want to share something.

Please stay indoors, avoid unnecessary visits and crowded places.

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Make sure you look after yourselves to avoid the virus and be careful because this disease is very dangerous and its no joke.

and wash your hands!

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Where was I?

Personally, I’ve been through quite a lot throughout last year which made me view everything negatively.

Clothes, shoes, mostly everything in my closet reminded me of those times… those times when I was a different person on the inside.

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Even the people I follow on social media reminded me of my past which I never really want to share.

so, I decided that it’s time for me to rebrand.

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if you ever feel like rebranding into a better version of yourself, this blog post is worth reading!

What do I mean to rebrand


to me, a rebrand is to change yourself into a newer/better version of yourself.

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How to rebrand yourself

1. Unfollow people from your past life

Unfollowing people from your past I mean people who don’t matter to you in your current life will help you move on because they don’t add any value.

If they remind you of your negative times, unfollow them, delete their contacts and move on.

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2. Throw away your old clothes and shoes you don’t wear

If you have clothes or shoes you don’t wear anymore or reminds you of something that is negative, give your clothes or shoes to charity or throw it away if it’s unweariable.

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3. Look after yourself

Looking after yourself comes in different ways mentally and physically such as exercising, drinking enough water, whatever makes you stable.

girl in white and red floral long sleeve shirt and white booty short

4. Try new things

Try a new skill or something that you wanted to do for a long time but couldn’t probably because you were scared or you didn’t have the time.

this includes learning a new instrument, play a sport or learn how to dance maybe.

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5. Travel

Travel somewhere to clear and to refresh your mind.

This could be international or not.

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Personally, I haven’t been travelling that much haha.

6. Make new friends

I know making friends is not easy; it can be difficult at times but, you could try by joining a club or go somewhere else.

try and start a conversation with someone.

again, it’s not easy but try it.

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7. Be yourself

Being yourself is important because you’re being true to who you are as a person.

Circle yourself with people that appreciate you.

At first, it’s hard but you’ll find a way to meet nice people.

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Bonus point: Create a board that’ll help you to rebrand!

Create a  board digitally such as Pinterest or traditionally like creating a collage.

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add anything that inspires you!

photo of person putting photo on wall
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I hope this blog post has helped you to rebrand yourself into a better version of you!


Tas x.


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