Koala Outback Printed frame |Photowall x thetaslifestyle

Hello Readers

In this blog post, I want to share something that I like which is my 90 x 60 Koala Outback printed frame from a Swedish wall art company called Photowall.

what is photowall?

Photowall is a Swedish wall art company that offers beautiful products ranging from wallpapers, canvases, posters to printed frames to hang on your wall.

I wanted to buy a printed frame that stands outs from other photos in the living room. So, I went on their website to find a printed frame that represented my family.


When I visited their website, I got minimalism vibes which I like.

I looked at the maps and flags category and saw different designs that I like but I wanted something eye-catching and colourful.

Then, I decided to click on the animal category to look at illustrations since it reminded me of when I used to draw six years ago.

I miss those days.

Anyway, When I was on the animal category, one illustration caught my eye which of course was the picture of koalas and parrots sitting on a tree.

When I clicked on it to look closely, it reminded me of Australia because I was born there and my family lived there. Also, the picture is very nostalgic to me because I used to see these types of pictures all the time when I was younger.

I customised my printed frame by…

1. Removing the white frame

2. Changed the dimension to 90 x 60

3. Changed the frame to a natural wooden colour

The Delivery

The delivery was really easy to follow and it came in 1-2 days and also, I could track where my package was.


What I didn’t realise is that there are more than 10 koalas hidden in the painting.

I used command frame strips to hang it on the wall since it was easier for me.

I hope I’m doing it right…


Use this discount code thetaslifestyle2020 to get 25% off on any Photowall products! (The discount code is valid until the end of April).

These are the links to get yours.





Have a nice day

Tas x.


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