Trying to be Productive During the Covid-19 Pandemic has Been Difficult

Hello readers,

I want to say something.

I meant to upload a few blog posts throughout last month but, I didn’t have the motivation to do so and, it might be because of being in the same environment (alone in my bedroom, at home) for a long time, especially during lockdown before stores and everything else was opened.

My body didn’t want to move and my head wasn’t there at all.

After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I felt like not doing anything at all I wanted to do was lie down on my bed and think of the moments I had with friends and everything else I had before the pandemic, which was over a year ago.

But, I can’t do that too much since that’s all in the past.

All I need to do is to be productive and not waste my summer doing nothing.

I wasted my summer last year being upset, thinking about how someone hurt me emotionally, which I actually regret because I knew that person for short period (I barley knew them).

They were a group member for one of my uni projects.

I don’t want to ramble on so…

Trying to be productive during the pandemic has been difficult since I was and am in the same environment every day, doing the same thing over and over again, feeling like a never-ending cycle.

It’s feels like I’m listening to the same song on repeat again and again without stopping.

To refresh my mind, I decided to be productive in a way that I would enjoy such as…


I’ve baked banana bread, brownies, bread, burger buns and… I can’t remember the rest.

Practicing playing with my ukulele and guitar

Haha (pretending to be a guitarist)

I started practicing last year and since then, I’ve seen a huge improvement.


  • I started working out probably almost two months ago and enjoyed it.
  • I did the weight loss challenge and now I’m currently doing the hourglass challenge.
  • Walked alone to get fresh air since it actually calms me down.

Catching up with friends on social media

I couldn’t stop smiling when I heard my friends voices when I called them or when they messaged back but, sometimes, I wish I can meet up with them in person and, since lockdown is over, I can actually meet up with them however, I’ll not be the same since some things are restricted.

Find a club or volunteer (Remote)

I was looking for volunteering jobs a few weeks ago and had to attend interviews and…I had a few emails saying I didn’t get the part however, I had an offer from a charity organisation to join them to do social media volunteering, which I’m amazed.

Spend time with family or check up on them since that’s important

Discover more music

Been listening to different music genres during lockdown and found new bands and artists to listen to.

All of the things I have listed had made me productive and I hope you can gain ideas in terms of what you can do when you’re bored but, sometimes doing it can be difficult when you don’t have the motivation to do so.

As promised, I’ll be blogging more often about anything that comes to mind.

I’ll be weekly or daily if I have enough content to post!

I hope you’ll find or found something productive to motivate you!


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