I Tried Eating Like BLACKPINK Lisa For a Day

Warning: This blog post is for experimental purposes and If this triggers you in any way, don’t read the rest and click off.

Hello Readers,

I was busy last month and most of this month and…

During the week, I found out that one of my blog posts I tried eating like BLACKPINK Jennie has reached over 10k (10,000) views which I am surprised.

I Tried Eating Like BLACKPINK Jennie For A Day – thetaslifestyle


I made a few mistakes when doing the challenge, especially with the avocado salad since someone sent me link to how to eat like her properly.

To be honest, I want to redo this challenge expect, I want to eat like Lisa for a day.


Before I start, I need to know what she eats.


According to sources, she eats three meals day and prefers to eat in small potions.

She stated that she doesn’t diet on YouthWithYou (a Chinese singing and dance competition).

While I was researching, I reading an blog post article from Holistic Vista about what she eats.

Breakfast: boiled eggs/omelette, vegetable salad and drinks detox juice with her meal.

Lunch: Soup (South Korean style), Spicy Ramen and a bowl of avocado

Dinner: Orders take-out with her band mates such as pizza and ends her day with avocado or detox juice.


Lisa said she mostly dances and does Pilates.

The challenge


Breakfast: egg and vegetable salad with spinach juice

Lunch: fish soap with gyoza

Dinner: pizza from Dominos (I had four slices)


I did a Zumba dance workout as a warm up and did some BlackPink dances such as How You Like That and other K-pop dances.

Zumba dance workout

BlackPink dance: How You Like That

Other K-pop dances: Red flavor

The experience

To be honest, I enjoyed eating like her for a day compared to Jennie’s diet due to how it is less restricted. Most of the meals didn’t make me bloat but… the pizza made me bloat which doesn’t matter.

The dances that I did was enjoyable and is a great way to exercise.

The challenge overall wasn’t difficult since I usually eat in small portions in my day-to-day life and eat whatever I want instead of being on a strict diet.

Thank you for reaching to the end of this post!

I’ll upload more blog posts if I have time.

Have a good week and…





BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals Her Shocking Weight Loss Secrets For Her Thin Figure – Koreaboo


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