Trying Oppserve 3 Weeks Brand New Me Challenge

Hello Readers!

Happy very late new year and I know I’ve been gone for some time but at least I’m back.

During my time off, I did one of Juliana’s (oppserve) workout programmes to see whenever I get results or not but another reason is that I want to improve my strength and my mental health since I was a bit depressed recently.

But anyway, I watched her reaction video first before I stared working out.

Then after, I started the brand new me challenge.

Week 1: was difficult since I didn’t exercise for a long time and after I did my first workout, my legs and stomach ached for a couple of days. Walking was quite difficult since I did a leg workout. I enjoyed the kpop dance workout video especially to Hwasa’s song Maria.

Week 2: The second week was getting better; however, my fitness level was still weak. I had to pace myself when doing workout positions such the side planks for instance, the duration for both sides are around a minute each but Instead of doing a minute (60 seconds) I would do 30 each then increase it to 40 to challenge myself. Overall this week’s workout schedule was great but challenging.

Week 3: I saw improvements in terms of my strength which is good and saw a difference with my body. My fitness level has improved compared to week one.


Here is my before and after photo.

Before and after photo

Apologies for the mirror stains

Overall thoughts

To be honest, this has to be one of the best workout programmes that I’ve ever did. Looking at the photos, I can see a full difference between the before and after which is crazy since I can see a full hourglass figure in the after photo.

All I’m going to say is thanks Juliana🧚🏻‍♀️✨

Would I recommend it?

Of course! I’m planning to complete the 28-day hot girl challenge after this one.

Thanks for reaching to the end of this post, much appreciated.

I’m not too sure when I’ll return since I’m stuck completing uni assignments (yes, I’m studying master’s full-time) but, when I’m ready, you’ll know.

Have good day and that’s it from me ✨


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  1. Damn girl! I can for sure see a big difference with the before and after photos together!!

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