Subliminals and Manifestation – Does It Actually Work?

Hello Readers, Around September, I wanted to get over someone I liked quickly but couldn’t. When I was scrolling through YouTube, I came across a few videos about how to manifest and Subliminals based on weight loss and appearance. At first, I didn’t believe it would work until I read the comment section. Most people […]

I Tried Emi Wong’s 2-Ingredient Soy Milk Egg Pudding Healthy Dessert Recipe – Will I Make it Again?

Hello 🙂 A few days ago, I was on Instagram scrolling and looking at insta stories and came across Emi’s soy milk egg recipe she shared. One of her viewers made it and said it was delicious and I thought, why not try it to see if I like it.

I Tried April Han (April Han Fit and Fashion) Tone and Slim Thigh Workout For 7 Days – Is It Worth It?

Hello Readers, During quarantine, I wanted to exercise especially on my thighs so I went on YouTube and came across a video that I’ve never seen before. When I watched this video above, the workouts she did looked easy compared to other workouts I’ve seen. Since the title of this video is eye-catching, I thought […]